Every Love has a Story

Quirky, sweet, funny, deep, complicated, romantic, always unique.

How that love started, how it grew, how it bloomed is the story every couple wants to remember, their wedding guests want to know.

And now they can with the help of their wedding professional.

Meet the mini video documentary that lets every couple tell their story authentically, on their own time.

Directed by award winning Hollywood Directors, with decades of experience. Edited, scored, and produced for you in under an hour.

Love Story is...

An unforgettable experience that meaningfully connects couples with their friends, family, and guests.

The one-of-a-kind video offering that drives new revenue for every wedding professional.

Perfect for...

The Reception
The Engagement Party
Bridal Shower
Wedding Website
Social Media
The Rehearsal Dinner

Power Up Your Wedding Services

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Love Story is the one-of-its-kind offering you need to introduce to your clients. It puts the power of truly personal storytelling in their hands, while letting you grow your profits.

Is this for you?

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Learn how to generate revenue, while adding unforgettable value to the wedding experience – with little additional effort.

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